10 Ways to Hygge in Summer

When you think of hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga”), your mind might immediately wander to cozy blankets, warm fires, and steaming mugs of hot chocolate. However, hygge, the Danish concept of comfort and contentment, is not just for winter. This sense of wellbeing and togetherness can be embraced year-round, even during the warmer summer months. Here are the top 10 ways to incorporate hygge in summer:

  1. Enjoy Outdoor Living:
    Embrace the longer, warmer days by taking your daily activities outdoors. Whether it’s having breakfast on your patio, reading a book in your garden, or even working outside, make the most of the beautiful weather. This neutral toned patio furniture with wooden accents will not only make your backyard look and feel more hygge, but it will help you enjoy hygge in summer in comfort.
  2. Have a Picnic:
    Prepare a simple meal, grab a blanket, and head to your nearest park for a picnic. Enjoying a meal in the open air is a simple yet wonderful way to experience hygge in summer. We like this picnic blanket for its easy portability and retro black and white checkers.
  3. Create a Cozy Outdoor Space:
    Whether it’s a balcony, a patio, or a backyard, create a cozy outdoor space with comfortable seating, outdoor rugs, and soft lighting. This can serve as a perfect place for relaxation or socializing on warm summer evenings. When it comes to your outdoor lighting, make sure to optimize your hygge by using the right lightbulbs.
  4. Host a BBQ:
    Nothing brings people together like food. Host a casual BBQ for your friends and family. The shared experience of cooking and eating together outdoors embodies the essence of summer hygge. We like this unbreakable dinnerware set for hosting barbecues. Not only is it durable for the outdoors, but it comes in neutral colors with a minimalistic design to add hygge to your tablescape.
  5. Grow Something:
    Try your hand at gardening. Growing your own herbs, vegetables, or flowers connects you with nature, and the process can be very therapeutic and satisfying. Not sure about your green thumb? Get started with this beginner herb growing kit.
  6. Go for Nature Walks:
    Take advantage of the longer days by going for walks in nature. Whether it’s a forest, a beach, or a local park, spend time appreciating the beauty of the outdoors.
  7. Take a Bike Ride:
    Cycling is a common pastime in Denmark. So, get on a bike and explore your local area. It’s not just about exercise, but also about enjoying the journey.
  8. Enjoy Summer Fruits:
    Savor the taste of summer by enjoying seasonal fruits. Whether it’s a bowl of juicy berries or a slice of watermelon, the simple pleasure of eating fresh fruit epitomizes summer hygge.
  9. Keep Your Home Fresh:
    Keep your living space fresh and airy by letting in natural light and fresh air. Use lighter fabrics for your home decor, and add some indoor plants for a touch of green. Snake plants are easy to keep alive and grow in low light environments. Added bonus – they are said to purify the air!
  10. Practice Mindfulness:
    Finally, don’t forget that hygge is also a mindset. Slow down, be present, and savor the simple pleasures that summer brings. Whether it’s the warmth of the sun on your skin, the sound of birds chirping, or the smell of fresh flowers, take a moment to appreciate these simple joys. Not sure where to start? This mindfulness journal is a lighthearted way to start your mindfulness journey.

Incorporating hygge into your summer doesn’t require big changes. It’s about celebrating the simple, everyday moments and fostering a sense of contentment and togetherness. So, whether you’re picnicking in the park, enjoying a backyard BBQ, or just savoring a juicy summer fruit, remember to slow down, be present, and embrace the hygge lifestyle. Happy summer!

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