Friluftsliv: The Scandinavian Art of Outdoor Living

Hygge, the Danish concept of coziness and comfort, has taken the world by storm, inspiring people to find joy and contentment in the simple pleasures of life. Yet, there’s another Scandinavian tradition that beautifully complements the principles of Hygge – Friluftsliv. This Norwegian term, translating to “free air life” or “open-air living,” is all about rekindling our connection with nature. In this article, we’ll answer the question – What is Friluftsliv? – exploring how this outdoor philosophy can not only enhance our wellbeing but also deepen our experience of Hygge.

What is Friluftsliv?

The Origins and Philosophy of Friluftsliv

Friluftsliv originates from Scandinavia, born out of a profound love and respect for nature. This philosophy encourages outdoor life, urging people to step out and embrace the wilderness, regardless of the season. It’s more than just a call to adventure; it’s a way of life, fostering a harmonious relationship between humans and the natural world.

The Core Principles of Friluftsliv

At its core, Friluftsliv is about simplicity, minimalism, and a heartfelt connection with nature. It invites us to slow down, unwind, and find joy in outdoor adventures. This mindful approach to living not only revitalizes our bodies but also provides mental clarity and peace.

How do you pronounce friluftsliv?

Friluftsliv is pronounced as “free-loofts-liv.” The ‘i’ in ‘fri’ sounds like the ‘ee’ in ‘free’, the ‘u’ in ‘luft’ is pronounced like the ‘oo’ in ‘foot’, and the ‘i’ in ‘liv’ is similar to the ‘i’ in ‘live’. The ‘s’ in ‘luft’ is soft, almost like an ‘sh’ sound, making it flow smoothly. Emphasize the first syllable slightly, and you’ll be saying it like a local in no time.

Friluftsliv in Modern Times

Today, Friluftsliv has transcended Scandinavian borders, inspiring a global movement towards outdoor living. People worldwide are discovering the joys of connecting with nature, finding balance, and fostering wellbeing.

The Connection Between Friluftsliv and Hygge

Finding Comfort in Nature

Friluftsliv and Hygge share a common thread – the pursuit of comfort and contentment. While Hygge often finds its home indoors, surrounded by soft blankets and candlelight, Friluftsliv invites us outdoors, encouraging us to find coziness in nature’s embrace.

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Embracing the Seasons

Both philosophies urge us to embrace the changing seasons, finding beauty and joy in every weather condition. From warm summer evenings to crisp winter mornings, Friluftsliv and Hygge teach us to cherish the moment and the unique pleasures each season brings.

Community and Togetherness

Just as Hygge fosters a sense of community and warmth indoors, Friluftsliv encourages shared outdoor adventures, creating lasting bonds and memories. Together, they remind us of the importance of connection and the joy of shared experiences.

Incorporating Friluftsliv into Your Daily Life

Simple Outdoor Activities to Start With

Embracing Friluftsliv can be as simple as a daily walk in the park, a picnic, or a quiet moment in your garden. To enhance your experience, consider investing in comfortable hiking shoes, a portable camping chair, or a durable water bottle – essentials for any outdoor adventure.

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Creating Outdoor Spaces at Home

You don’t need to venture far to experience Friluftsliv. Transform your backyard or balcony into a cozy outdoor retreat with comfortable furniture, a fire pit, and warm blankets, creating the perfect setting for an intimate gathering or a quiet moment alone.

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Mindful Outdoor Practices

Friluftsliv encourages mindfulness and presence. Engage in activities like bird watching, stargazing, or outdoor meditation, and consider using binoculars, a star map, or a meditation cushion to enhance your practice.

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Products to Enhance Your Friluftsliv Experience

To fully embrace Friluftsliv, here are some curated products that can help connect you to nature and elevate your outdoor experience:


Friluftsliv, much like its cozy cousin Hygge, offers a path to contentment and wellbeing, reminding us of the beauty and peace that nature provides. By embracing the principles of Friluftsliv, we not only deepen our connection with the natural world but also enrich our experience of Hygge, finding comfort and joy in every aspect of life.

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